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Apu Vinicunca Cusco Day Trek – Full Day Vinicunca Tour

Experience the best of the iconic Rainbow Mountains of Apu Vinicunca Cusco on this locally guided full-day Vinicunca Tour. Popularly known as Vinicunca Cusco Day Trek, this is the second most visited tourist attraction, after Machu Picchu

The existence of the Rainbow Mountains of Cusco was unknown until 2016. It was when the snow started to melt the colors gradually started appearing. It soon got all the deserved attention and became one of the popular sites. 

The colors of the mountain are a result of the rich mineral deposits such as copper, iron, hematite, lime, sulfur, lead, and dolomite. 

The full-day Rainbow Mountain trek from Cusco takes you through Andean communities. People here are untouched by modernity and have maintained their traditions and customs. Accompanied by our local English-speaking tour guide, you will get an insight into their traditions and way of life. 

Most of the trek offers you a closer view of the snow-capped peak of the mighty Ausangate Mountain. This is a sacred peak. Our tour guide will be explaining how locals offer their gratitude to Ausagate. 

The full-day trip from Cusco begins with a two hours drive to Cusipata. It is a small Andean village. To enhance your local experience, we will be serving you a typical Andean breakfast here before we drive you to the base camp of the seven-colored mountain. 

Inka Explorer Viajes is a fully locally owned tour operator based in Cusco. We have an excellent team of local tour guides who are born and raised in the region. They have in-depth knowledge about the Andean traditions and customs.

Please Note:

Apu Vinicunca Cusco Day Trek is a high-altitude experience. We highly recommend you to spend at least three days in Cusco before the trek to avoid altitude sickness.

We offer the full-day tour both in private and in small groups.

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If you are looking for an adventurous yet easier option, then check out our Rainbow Mountain on ATV Tour.

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Rainbow Mountain ATV Tour – Full Day Tour

Embark on a great adventure from the city of Cusco on this full-day Rainbow Mountain ATV Tour. This is one of our signature tours. 

Rainbow Mountains are the most popular attractions in Cusco. In fact, it ranks just after Machu Picchu as one of the most visited places in Peru. 

The emblematic mountain of colors was under dense snow. It was discovered in 2016. It soon got all the deserved attraction. Today, the Rainbow Mountains of Vinicunca attract over 1500 daily visitors. 

The highest point of the Rainbow Mountain is at 5040 meters (16535 ft.) above sea level. We highly recommend you to spend a few days in Cusco and acclimate to avoid altitude sickness. 

Unlike the trek to Vinicunca which involves an arduous hike, this quad bike Rainbow Mountain tour is ideal for those wanting to see the seven colors in ATVs without any arduous hikes. 

Rainbow Mountain ATV Tour is one of the signature tours. We have a dedicated team of guides who are locals. They have extensive knowledge about the culture and traditions of the Andean communities who call this place their home for decades. 

Please note that due to the ongoing global pandemic, face masks are required in all public areas. 

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Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour – Palccoyo Cusco

The full day Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour is the best alternative to those not keen on hiking the Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain. Just as Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain tops the bucket list of many travellers while visiting Cusco.

This full day tour is an easier option. Unlike the trek to Vinicunca, the trip to Palccoyo begins at 0700 AM. We will be driving you closer to the summit. It just takes a 45 minutes of gradual hike through some picturesque highlands including the Stone Forest (Bosque de piedras).

This is a high altitude experience. We highly recommend you to spend at least two days in Cusco before the trek to avoid altitude sickness. To offer you the best experience, we operate this in small groups. We also offer private tours to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain.

The best time to visit Palccoyo Rainbow Mountains is during the dry season April to November. During the rainy season the trail gets slippery and often the colors of Palccoyo are covered in fog.

Why Inka Explorer Viajes?

Inka Explorer Viajes, is a fully locally owned tour operator in Cusco. We are certified local guides with an excellent knowledge of Incas history and culture. As natives, our guides will be sharing some of the astonishing facts on this full day trip to Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain.

We offer the Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain Tour, both as a small group tour and as a private tour. We invite you to take a moment to check out our reviews on Tripadvisor.