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Sacred Valley Bike Tour (Maras and Moray Tour)

Our half day Sacred Valley bike tour to Maras and Moray is designed to offer you the best and the most of the two iconic sites in the Sacred Valley of Incas. This is one of the best activities you can participate in as you reach Cusco and are acclimating before visiting Machu Picchu.

Accompanied by our local expert, you will be experiencing the best of the Peruvian countryside as you will be cruising on our brand new mountain bikes to see the circular terraces of Moray and Salt Mines of Maras.

Both Maras and Moray played a significant role in the life of Incas. Today, these are the most visited and photographed sites in the Sacred Valley of Incas.


Moray is home to the circular farming terraces that somewhat resemble the Roman amphitheatre. The terrace is a massive hole dug into the ground with different levels. Each level bears a different temperature. Infact, there is a difference of 15 degrees celsius from the top of the terrace to the bottom.

Incas experimented with the growth conditions of crops here. This helped them to determine the best temperature needed to grow vegetables and grains. Thanks to this, Peru now produces over 800 varieties of potatoes.


Maras is a beautiful Andean village tucked under the snow capped Andean peaks. It is home to the salt mines that nestles on one side of a hill. These geometric shaped salt puddles have been used to extract salts since pre Incan civilization.

It is passed down generation after generation. People still use the traditional Solar evaporation method to extract salt. They let in the natural spring water and wait for it to evaporate. Then they manually scrape out the salt from the puddle.

Salt of Maras is pinkish in colour and has a distinct taste. Locals say that it also has rich nutrients.

Why Inka Explorer Viajes?

Inka Explorer Viajes, is a fully locally owned tour operator in Cusco. We are certified local guides with an excellent knowledge of Incas history and culture. As natives, our guides will be sharing some of the astonishing facts on this half day Sacred Valley bike tour to Maras and Moray

We offer this Maras and Moray Tour both in small groups and as a private tour.